Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week One: Twitter v.s. Blogging, 2-0

Ok, so it turns out that this blog is NOT the best place for you to keep up on whatever HenryHudsonBear and I are doing out here in sunny Vancouver for these summer Winter Olympic Games. (-:

We've been so busy twittering, clicking video and photos, live-streaming, phlogging, video-conferencing, and checking all 3 email accounts (?) -- that blogging has become the LAST of all the techno-gizmo's we've had the time or energy to use to communicate.

But what great adventures and incredible FUN we've had!! (Yes my lovelies, you still get to use that "F-word" in class for a number of weeks longer.)

And perhaps that's as good an insight as any I'll get into the world of the new "social networking" tools the younger generation is using to communicate these days.... Fast, short, down, and dirty. A little addictive, self-centered, and non-retractable, but SUCH a lot of fun!

I've discovered that blogging (for me, at least) takes too much time, energy, effort, and concentration -- all of which I'm finding are in very short supply at night when the images of the day are free-floating in my brain. And then the next morning, we're off and running again!

But today is the beginning of 6 days of evening-only events, so I'll try to catch up on many of the blog posts I started this week, but never finished.

Oh, and the Term 2 report cards I still need to finish!

But for now,
for keeping up-to-date
on all of our Olympic adventures,

going to
HenryHudsonBear and/or beachcat11

clearly wins hands-down,
as the better place for you to see.

Week One score from the Ontario judge:

Twitter 2, Blogging 0.

cb ( =

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