Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic Seeds of Hope

Since beginning to follow my KPR gurus, 'baded', 'techguy1717', and all their colleagues on Twitter these last few weeks, I've had the pleasure of listening in while they throw around a veritable plethora of ideas, questions, challenges, and suggestions about possible future directions in technology and education.

And as a die-hard environmental and outdoor educator, after these 3 mind-boggling weeks of technological transformation, I have become even more convinced than ever, that the internet is just one more doorway IN and OUT of the global classroom...

I cannot take my students around the world to open to them the vast array of different ways to live and speak and act and believe. But I can offer them as many different views of the world as I can find, and share my enjoyment and appreciation of them, and hope that they catch an exciting glimpse of the world which is waiting out there for them, both for better, and for worse.

"Give a child in fantasy what he cannot have in reality".

I live and teach by this creed. And so, if the internet has allowed my students to come along with me on a few of my Olympic adventures, and this has helped to open their hearts and minds to the possibilities of a future world, then as an educator my heart sings, and I can sleep well tonight.

A seed is planted, and some day, tall trees will grow.

Grow tall, my lovelies, grow tall.

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  1. Well done, Cathy. Fascinating glimpse into your journey, so thanks. And fun to watch your use of the tech gear. Glad to see you embrace it and thrive on it. Where can we see what your students did with the opportunity?