Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paralympics: "Kids of Courage"

I was browsing around this morning, procrastinating from finishing my report cards, and discovered a couple of very neat Paralympic resources for supporting Paralympic Athletes, and for explaining Paralympic challenges to kids. One has a great section explaining how to play Sledge Hockey for kids!

They are free, and on Pfizer Canada's "MoreThanMedication" website, Pfizer Canada being a proud sponsor of the Canadian Paralympic Team since 1996, and a major supporter for Canadian Paralympic Athletes. (Sorry, this means some folks may have to temporarily suspend their distaste for DrugCompanies to be able to enjoy these items.)


* Kids of Courage is a free full-colour e-picturebook which you can download to read with or read to your kids. An audio version of the story being read aloud is also provided.

"Written by Canadian author and educator, Cynthia Pratt Nicolson,
these stories about Canada's most inspiring athletes were created
to help Canadian families celebrate our Paralympic Team.
The e-book follows the story of two young people
who overcame challenges to fulfill their dreams.
Their stories prove that no dream is too big
– and that, if you believe in yourself,
you really can do anything.

Kids of Courage was inspired by
– and is dedicated to –
Canada's remarkable Paralympic Team.
Their unshakeable spirit and determination
reminds us that
no dream is too big to reach for
– and achieve.

You can also download and share the audio version – introduced
by 2006 gold-medal winning Canadian sledge hockey star and
2010 Paralympian Brad Bowden."


The 2nd item is a very short inspirational film about Team Canada Sledge Hockey player Todd Nicholson, and the power of believing in yourself.

Pfizer is donating $5 for every time it is viewed and shared, to a total of $50,000. When I viewed it today, the amount reached was $28,340. And no, I have not received any other communications from Pfizer.

If you want to, you can watch this film and share the link to help the Canadian Paralympic Team reach the maximum donation of $50,000.

And to learn more about Canada's Paralympic Team,
their dreams and accomplishments,
and in French
Great Information there!!!

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