Sunday, February 7, 2010

#3 The Power of a Dream

In the past year preparing for this Olympic Journey, I've spent lots of time thinking and planning, sometimes asking myself WHAT is all this fuss about??, and What the heck am I doing this for (?!?), and at other times, pondering the "ifs, ands, and buts" of sharing it with others, especially while carrying a responsibility to the very wonder-ful and impressionable intermediate students I teach, "my lovelies..."

And so, as a gift before I fly off to Vancouver for 6 weeks, I have put together a little presentation for my students -- to explain what My Olympic Journey means to me, and to try to plant seeds of hope and inspiration to believe in and achieve in the power of their dreams.

My little presentation goes like this:

PART A - The Seeds of a Dream . . .
(The Story of My Dream. I'll eventually post this so you can read it.)

PART B - What IS the Olympic Dream?

** "Dreams are Whispers"... an inspirational film clip from

** A music video
of LeAnn Rymes song "Light the Fire Within" created by Dark Moon Studios

** Canada's Celine Dion singing "The Power of the Dream", with the song's Canadian composer, David Foster, on piano at the Atlanta Opening Ceremonies in 1996.

** The Children of Atlanta sing "The Power of the Dream" at the Atlanta Closing Ceremonies.

I hope you'll have a moment to watch and enjoy!



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