Friday, February 12, 2010

The Night Before, Hours to go...

From the darkness of my bedroom, I can look out and see the bright lights of Vancouver's downtown, and watch the Olympic spot lights over False Creek move around and light up the undersides of the low-lying clouds. If I am thinking "it all begins in less than 24 hours", I can only imagine what thousands of athletes and their coaches must be thinking and feeling tonight.

Athletes, Vancouver 2010 organizers, and volunteers are posting messags after message about having huge knots in their stomachs, of not being able to sleep, of being struck by the incredible buzz and and anticipation of what tomorrow will bring, so many Olympic-size dreams realized, so many visions brought to life.

Here in the quiet of my room, I listen to the wind, and watch as the white lights dance on the underbelly of the clouds above the city, sometimes reminding me of an old-town car lot, then suddenly a vision of brilliant Northern Lights in white, and now, an Olympic oval.... I wonder if someone is leading them in their dance.... The world is watching -- and waiting --

For me, a strange sensation of calm, of what is going to be, will be... Perhaps I am getting old, or just a little wiser, and know now that as much as I can want different things to happen, certain outcomes I want to come to be, there is also much beyond my control. So I am content to watch, and wait, and allow tomorrow to bring whatever it will bring.

Good luck and best wishes to all those who struggle with sleep tonight. May the quiet of knowing you've done all you can, drift over you and lead you to sleep.

The Vancouver Winter Olympics, 2010, begin in hours. Sleep safely, sleep well.

Cathy B

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  1. I am so thrilled for you that this has come true for you! I will be watching every day and will be sharing with my school. I can't wait to chat when you come back.