Thursday, February 11, 2010

WHO is going to light the Olympic Cauldron tomorrow?

Nope, we didn't get to find out who is going to light the Olympic Cauldron at the Opening Ceremonies dress rehearsal. We got to watch the live musical and dance entertainment, and the most awesomely beautiful techno-magic, but we didn't even get a whisper of an idea who will be lighting the flame. Who do you think it will be?

My vote all along has been for a hologram of Terry Fox lighting it -- technology these days can do just about anything! And he represents everything a true Olympic Champion could ever be. It would be so fitting that he could finally finish the Olympic Torch Journey, and light the final flame for these home-town Winter Olympics.

But last night I changed my mind...

I was picturing what Wayne Gretsky would be thinking as Terry Fox lit the flame in virtual reality. Yes, the gentleman that he is, Wayne would "get" it, and appreciate the all the wonderful intention and meaning behind it.

But even that says it! Who else in our country's history of sport is larger than life, the true epidome of Canadian Hockey, a true representative of Canadian personality and integrity, and in the world of sport, truly, truly, truly deserving of this Olympic Champion honour?

It's Wayne Gretsky for me, all the way. I think a zillion athletes from around the world would see it the same way. What do YOU think?

We'll see, won't we? Because 26 hours from now, we'll know!

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